Scaffolding training company educating professional scaffolders

Scaffolding training company, Layhtrain, educating professional scaffolders

Layhtrain are the leading experts in scaffolding training. Located in the Greater Sydney Area, New South Wales, Australia, they specialise in training professional scaffolders. Layhtrain’s Managing Director contacted Koast Graphics to design an ingenious and creative logo for their new business venture. We stepped up to the challenge.


The name ‘Layhtrain’ is a portmanteau of the words ‘Layher’ and ‘training’. The company specialises in Layher Scaffolding training, specifically the efficient use of scaffolding. ‘Efficiency through education’ is their company motto. Layher Scaffolding is the world’s largest producer of modular scaffolding systems. Their best selling product is the Allround Scaffolding system. The Allround system uses individual scaffold components that are connected together using a rosette or ring.

Design brief

An ingenious and creative logo was requested for the new business venture. The logo needed to incorporate the business name, an icon or graphical symbol and the company motto. In addition, the design must compliment the Layher brand and concisely represent the company’s primary service, training.

Logo research

First steps to researching the Layhtrain logo was to peruse existing training company logos. Then we analysed the Layher scaffolding branding. It quickly became clear a training company visual identity commonly included a laurel wreath, a medal/badge or some kind of seal, such as certificate embossed effect wax stamp. This was not the look we were aiming for.

Instead we thought about the physical scaffolding and the way in which it is often built from the ground up in stages. This was the perfect metaphor we were looking for. Stages of a scaffolding structure mimicked the steps of learning, upskilling and advancing one’s knowledge.

Concepts ideas

Sketching concepts was the next stage in the design process. Ideas around modular scaffolding were roughly drawn. These became a firm foundation on which more creative approaches were developed. We began exploring geometric 3D drawings, similar to those used by scaffold designers and engineers. Taking this idea further, we started thinking about incorporating the letter L for Layhtrain. Combining the stages (or steps) we discovered during the research phase, with the 3D drawings concept, we evolved the designs into a stepped structure.

Layhtrain logo concept ideas

Layhtrain logo concept ideas

Design development

Following the concept phase we moved into the development stage of the design. The capital L design was starting to take shape, with the scaffolding appearing to support the vertical element. At this point it suddenly dawned on us that this design could be built in real life.

Constructing this 3D design in real life would mean the structure would be approximately 8 metres in height, and could make for some very interesting marketing opportunities.

Logo colours needed to evoke confidence, trust and authority. Different shades of blues were tested and the Layher branding offered some pointers.

Different styles and treatments of the Layhtrain logo

Different styles and treatments of the Layhtrain logo

Client review

Designs were submitted to the client for review. Feedback from the client was very encouraging. Modifications were made and a few more design iterations were developed. Eventually a final design was agreed upon, which included the business name, the 3D scaffold structure and the company motto.

Scaffolding training company icon using the capital L and stepped scaffolding to suggest upskilling

Scaffolding training company icon using the capital L and stepped scaffolding to suggest upskilling

Final artwork

Layhtrain’s new business logo stands as a beacon for excellence in scaffold training. Designed to work as a full lockup or as a stand alone icon, the Layhtrain logo is indeed ingenious and creative.

The finished Layhtrain logo with motto - Efficiency through education

The finished Layhtrain logo with motto - Efficiency through education


In conclusion, the client said the logo exceeded their expectations. The Layhtrain team said they were going to use their logo on clothing apparel PPE (personal protection equipment), business stationery, company website, social media channels, office signage and company vehicles.

Visit the Layhtrain Australia website.

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